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14 octobre 2004


All of excellent day.

On what a cursor it is made this forum works? We are measured with the friend are measured to make WWW site about computers and to make for a website a this a cursor.

How to do information search?

To me it is necessary to find http://gogo.infogroupusa.com/cab-car-chennai-contract-travel.html
but I do not represent as to do it.

Help me please.

I ve tried it but it is very hot and fast - i woud better better preffer
Saboka http://www.acidjet.org/ice/

Please help me to find it http://www.acidjet.org/ice/ in google
but it can be in down

PS help me +)

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Hi, guys!

I want to make a gift to my boyfriend. Something special :). I just want to say a few words about my boyfriend. He is my soulmate and i love him. He’s Welsh but without a Welsh accent. Just a northern twang. This is something which troubles him from time to time. He likes talking to himself.

He also likes dogs and knowing every lyric to every Beatles’ song ever. I decided, stupidly, to challenge him on that last point. We were sat at a studenty cafe with rainbow coloured chairs drinking mint tea one afternoon. I picked what I thought was a less-well-known Beatles song and got him to tell me the lyrics. Honey Pie (my favourite), Blackbird, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer - he knew them all, and not just the chorus.

He is excellent at getting himself into situations that other, more practical, people probably would be able to avoid. Map reading is definitely one of his least developed skills. Ask him where north is and he’ll probably say something like “ummm, which way is the wind coming from?” Other things he has been known to do include dropping his ipod into the bath (he was reaching forward for his watch, forgetting that his headphones were attached to something - and then hearing the ipod slip with a gentle splosh into the water) and window shopping - meaning taking a close look at ladies’ underwear and not realising the shop assistant was standing in the shop window until he looked up and saw her scornful face.

So, there are three gift options for me to choose from: X4 Labs Extender; Dual Docking Alarm Clock for iPod and Neuros OSD Media Recorder.
What do you recommend? Any advices will be more then welcome.

Regards, Sara Whook
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the right choice

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